Our Fremont Noon Kiwanis Club cordially invites you
to be our guest for lunch this week.
Meetings are every Thursday noon
at the Fremont Golf Club* 2710 N Somers Avenue.
(402) 721-6641

*5th Thursday of each month our noon meeting is held at First Lutheran 3200 E Military

We thank our many sponsors.  Click on our website sponsor logo on the left to view their websites.
 Please join us this week, where there is always great food, fun, and fellowship!

Date Type Title
08/17/2017 Meeting
08/23/2017 Event


08/24/2017 Meeting
08/31/2017 Meeting
08/31/2017 Event

Help serve meals at The Banquet.

The Banquet is a free hot meal for all, served out of our church building every Thursday from 5:30-6:30 pm.  All are welcome, please bring the whole family. ...

09/06/2017 Event

conference tourney

09/07/2017 Meeting
09/09/2017 Event

Sell concessions at football stadium.

09/12/2017 Event


09/14/2017 Meeting
09/16/2017 Event


09/16/2017 Event


09/21/2017 Meeting
09/27/2017 Event


09/28/2017 Meeting